Slow Club

by Cool Timmy

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All words and music by Timothy Wzard


released March 19, 2013



all rights reserved


Woozy Tribe

Look At The River

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Track Name: 1-900-LUV-LINE
i imagine god as a flightless crow in kansas city
squawking and picking bones
i hate the weather but i dont have a car
im walking to the city for a fix and a guitar
another week goes by
theres nothing on tv
but maury bitches and the kids next door keep bothering me
im out of coffee im all out of cigarettes i drank the bourbon i was hiding on the back of the shelf
i try to meet a girl but who gives a shit
youre better off alone than waiting all day by the phone
la la la, theres someone knocking on the door sitting with the lights acting like theres nobody home
hey sister, are you all alone?
i took some pills and ran to the medicine man
i fell asleep last night to the dial tone
call me anytime, 1-900-LUV-LINE
tell me, sell me things i want to hear
baby your the one for me, cash or credit honey?
i love the things you whisper in my ear
if youve got a dollar per minute we can be lovers
Track Name: Maryland
misery and i are like a hand and glove
a gutted white dove
the savior, the martyr begging my pardon
and you cant tear the promise from my heart, girl
where would all the birds fly when you're gone?
the ocean of my violence is a monster
i know you and i are not the same
you wanted me to but i have no feelings
my bloodlust is a tiger in a cage
Track Name: Pen Pal
whats up bro?
not too much over here on the coast
just kickin it by the oil ocean
hows your life?
hope everything is alright
bye for now, pen pal
dont forget to write
Track Name: You'll Win
out of the sky
and into the dirt
dont ever try
and youll never hurt
im just playin
go for it baby
i know youll win
youll win
Track Name: Long Ago Yesterday
long ago yesterday
she was vodka and kool-aid
i found a friend
the kitty cats howl all night
cant you hear them scream and fight?
round and round the alley way
all night war and sleep all day
hang up girls on my wall
smile at me, i love them all
some cute broad named Caroline
Raquel Welch and Marilyn
long ago yesterday
always thought id find a way
funny how those dreams go wrong
you cant fake a happy song
Track Name: Philly
one white horse said to another
"i need you, cant we be lovers?"
the philly responded "neigh"
winked and turned back to the hay
youre my only darling philly
youre just mistaken ill have you, youve taken
my heart and pinned it to your charming breast
youre my only darling philly
one day the stud went to pasture
to make another pass at her
he found her dead on her side
gut swelled and flies in her eyes
youre my only darling philly
ill die right here i know you can feel
my blood falling on your still charming breast
your my only darling philly
Track Name: Eyes of the Indian
cowboy cowboy get your guns out
hiding in the dust are the eyes of the indian
redman redman spill his blood, yeah
take him alive but leave his horse dead
i hear you coming but youll never catch me
im riding on a quicksilver pony
im just passing through, a ghost town arrival
im drinking whiskey and smoking pages of the bible
Track Name: 1945
two lovers silhouette the garden, the fountain
like vapors at sunset, look up love
pedals falling down around us
its snowing, youre glowing with love after life
take off like kites
spinning from the air, slow dive
fall like stone unbrellas out of the sky
too cute like japan flooded in light
caught in a flashburn, 1945
theres an old french song snaking like a sinking ribbon
on the deadly ghost of a word
the sigh and moan of the trees is all they heard
out of the black and into the red light hour
the skeletons dance under the soles of our
unholy boneyard step, satanic waltz of the damned
i came to dig up my lover, bleach white and flower in hand
hello, my coffinbound beauty
ive come to sigh at your breast
to kiss your fleshless features
pour myself into the mess of your sexless vessel
my bowl of milk is the violence in the heart of the whore
in the motherless child
Track Name: Animal
on me, a web
spun out from your touch
a fly in the milk at your lips
the glass finally tips out the blood of a god
onto the floor of a common girl,
pours down the cracks to swell at the basement door
i am born the flesh of virgins,
the blood of mary, the bitter hand
and though i love you
im not sorry
you say that im obscene and heartless, basically cruel, animal, artless
i dont mind
im just an instrument for what you never said
but always truly meant
Track Name: Promise of a Curse
i place a thousand year curse on your children and their children
arent you sorry for killing my gypsy cat?
your new orleans aint my city
dont you know that the graveyards belong to the dead?
ill write obscene words in blood on your headstone
you can bet that ill gather to burn all the flowers that your family leaves
did you think that id have mercy for the broken leg deer?
like hell i am coyote
like a virgin blood offering i imagine the sparkle leaks out from her eyes
and the moonlight dresses her in silver
and we die and the wolves drag our bodies away
Track Name: Cat & Dog
chasing pussycats 'round the house cat and mouse
hella fun
digging holes in the yard to bury bones
hella fun
hang my head out the window in the car
hella fun
throw a fit when youre on the telephone
hella fun
treat me like the dog you always knew i always was
beat me like you caught me chewing up your bras
pet me im your puppy dog show me love
let me lick your hand and follow you around
put on your cat costume honey
ill get down on all fours for you
you think that my lisp is funny
give me something i can chew
make me beg for your feet at the end of your bed
i know you hate when i drool but i cant help i
Track Name: Ma Ma Marybell
where you going to? i dont care
just bring me cigarettes and something i can drink
i like you like dishes in the sink
ma ma mary bell, kill so you come back
kid, you got me tied down to the track
Track Name: Bitter Hand, Ohio
there is no way out of this dead man's town
the dogs own the streets and the sewers smell like rotting meat
every midnight comes and finds a music box concertina
limping like a drunken ballerina